Our Process:

The wet climate here in the Northwest creates the perfect environment for certain life forms. Some of these can damage the interior and exterior of your home. One of the most common exterior problems is mildew which is caused by moisture and prevents paint adhesion. In the kitchen and bathroom (commonly called wet areas) we wash all surfaces and also lightly sand some necessary areas. Different problem areas require different types of solutions. Experience and training are our best tools for assessing and preparing your home for a new coat of paint. Equally important is the knowledge of how different products perform and adhere to the various surfaces in your home. We strive to inform you of any suggestions we may have that we feel will add to a better looking and more durable finish.
Interior Painting
When our clients welcome us into their homes, we understand the importance of taking great care of their home. From the time our crew gets on-site our goal is to be as comforting and inadvasive as possible to the client. Our lead person will introduce him or herself and the crew, he or she will take the time to walk the project with you, asking what area or room you would like us to start in, as not to disturb your day to day life too much. Our crews take great care when entering our clients home from the shoes they wear to the protection of your surroundings.

They have dedicated shoes specifically for interiors of homes, this prevents dirt and debris from being tracked in and causing damage to hardwood floors. The crew will take great care in protecting your floors, furnitures, and other surroundings. We are always happy to help if any questions or concerns arise, don’t hesitate to bring them to either our lead or office staff. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. At the end of the day, our crew will clean up their mess, the lead will talk directly with you if avaiable or have our office email or phone you to let you know the progress of the work and when to expect us the next day.
Exterior Painting
With so many colors and products to choose from.. We can help! From the moment we meet you to give the bid to the first brush stroke, we strive to make the process as easy and inadvasive as possible. We work with you to help choose colors, setting a time to start your project that works with your spring and summer plans. We know you are busy and we want to be as accomidating to you as possible. We begin with washing the house or buildings to clean all the winter debris away and giving us a clean canvas to start with, protecting your special plants to the best of our abilities along the way. Proper preperation on a home or building is so very important, this allows for the paint to get the proper adheasion it needs to have a long and lasting life. Our crews will not only protect your flowers and plants but, we will also protect your windows during the painting application, as not to get paint on them.

At the end of the day, our crew will clean up the jobsite, the lead will talk directly with you if avaiable or have our office email or phone you to let you know the progress of the work and when to expect us the next day. We know having a constant and open line of communication between with our lead, office staff, and you is importand to understaning your needs. Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations.
Lead Abatement
To remove or contain lead based paint, a painter/contractor must be a certified lead base paint renovator, they achieve this certification by completing a state mandated class. We follow the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines for testing and documenting the process of the project, we follow the mandated regualations for the prep, clean up, and removal of the paint to not only protect our enviroment but, your family’s health. Knowing if a home has lead paint is essential when buying or selling a home.

Home that contain lead based paint does not always pose a problem is the paint is still in stable condition and the intergirty of the paint had not been compromised. If the paint shows signs of cracking or peeling the issue needs to be addressed. We are happy to give you a free estiate and discuss with you all your options.

For additional information on lead based paint, please visit the EPA’s webpage at
Cabinet Painting/Staining
Why buy new cabinets when you can refinish your old ones? Many people don’t realize how much a fresh coat of paint or laquer or even a new stain can help make your cabinets look new again. We have an onsite spray booth with allows us to bring your cabinet doors and drawer into our dust free enviroment and apply a beautifully finished coating. We are always happy to offer free estimates, product suggestions, and help you determine what would achieve the best look for your living space.
Heated Spray Booth
Gaviotas painting is one of the few painting contractors in the Eugene/Springfield area that is able to offer our clients the option of using our heated spray booths to have cabinets, doors, frames, and trim painted on site and delivered to you ready for installation. Our spray booth is state certified and is regually inspected for safety.

Why use a spray booth? Having the option to use a heated spray booth not only offers a dust free enviroment but, also allows you to use products that might be of a stronger odor, keeping the harsh smells aways from you and your family.
Staining and Stripping
When we it comes to staining projects, we offer a wide variety of choices. We can stain items such as trim, cabinets, doors, and even wood walls. This can give your home an elegant look and it offers a wide range of color varieties, depths and richness. We asked for a sample of the particular wood product you would like to use so we can give you a visual of what it will look like prior to starting the project. We want to make sure we have the what you envisioned what the color would look like on that particular wood. Many different products can be applied- Opaque, semi –solid, semi-transparent stains. New products that we offer also that give the look of a stain but, is a environmentally friendly latex or water based modified product. For the protective coat we use either a clear lacquers, poly coat, or water based products. There are so many options we are always happy to discuss them with you.
Deck & Fence Restoration
The most important elemant to the longevity of your deck or fences is keeping the surfaces clean and free of moss, mildew, and dirt. If your fence or deck have become green from moss or mildew often times a good pressure washing with a moss and mildew treatment will refresh the look of your fence or deck. When we work on fence and deck restorations we protect all the surrounding plants and substraits, while we are pressure washing, sanding, or scraping the sufaces.

Sometimes with the cleaning process you will find that a new application of stain or paint is needed. If the current stain has deteriorated and a new stain is needing to be applied, we will strip the surface using caution and allowing for proper dry time before applying the new stain. If the surface is painted and is in need a refreshing coat of paint to give it that “new look”, a deck and porch paint would be be applied. We offer many colors and types of products.
Roof Treatment
With all the moisture here in the Northwest it is important to treat your roof for moss, mildew and decay. The buildup of the plants break down the integrity of all types of roofing including composition tile and metal. We gently remove the moss and mildew taking care not to damage the existing roof. Also a good inspection and cleaning the gutters is included. Any detachment or loose caulking will be brought to your attention. After all is clean a demoss treatment will be applied to your clean roof. Treatment is recommended in fall and early spring.
Gutter Cleaning
They may seem hardly noticeable but they can sure do damage if not cleaned properly. To ensure a good cleaning we come to your house prepared with ladders scoops and trash bags. We clean it all and check to see if there's any problems... sometimes the joints could use a little caulking, or they may need checked to make sure the nails holding the gutters are secure. Debris can lead to rusting and overflow which causes dryrot and mildew on your joining surfaces, a good cleaning once a year at the end of fall is mandatory but it never hurts to have a late spring cleaning as well. Call us for a free estimate today.
Hanging & Removing Holiday Lights
What a wonderful time of the year- so many things to do and never enough time. Everyone loves those beautiful lights on their homes. To bring on the season, let us bright up your home.
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